Provincial Council of Women Ontario (PCWO)

The aim of the Council of Women is to work for the betterment of conditions pertaining to family, community and society.

Members, such as BPW Ontario, try to accomplish this through interest and action in such areas as economics, education, health, environment, housing, justice, status of women, social development and seniors' issues.

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PCWO Newsletters

Housing and Land Use Report - September/October 2013

Social Housing Strategies, Framework & Action Plan: Several organizations have put forward these plans over the last few years. 

In Ontario, downtown city and private land for more social housing is increasingly difficult to acquire in larger than several small unit sites. These are, however, being planned & accomplished in several of our larger cities: Toronto, Hamilton, London & Ottawa. Smaller cities are slowly able to accommodate some of their most here to read full report.


Equal Pay Day

Equal Pay Day in Ontario was April 11, 2017

The 30% gender wage gap in Ontario is one of the largest in the world! Pay discrimination is not limited to one career or demographic, it affects women of all ages, races, and education levels – regardless of their family decisions.

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0% Gap by 2025

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