Young Business and Professional Women (Young BPW) is a term for young BPW members who are 35 years old and younger. Young BPW (Young BPW ) has been one of the standing committees of BPW International since 1993. There are five regional coordinators, one being North America and the non-Spanish-speaking Countries of the West Indies of which Canada is part. At the provincial level, there is also a standing committee chair. Prior to September 1999, the committee was called Young Career Women (YCW).


Young BPW OntarioThe goal of Young BPW Ontario is to promote Young BPW partnerships within BPW at all levels and encourage Young BPW's to hold leadership roles as part of a training, mentoring and development program within the BPW organization.


The Young BPW Chair encourages each BPW President in Ontario to set up a Young BPW committee. Part of the roles and responsibilities of this committee would include:

  • Identify and create a local database of Young BPW s within your Club (including any BPW member interested in being an advisor to the Young BPW's) and forward this information to the Provincial Chair who is responsible for maintaining the database for Ontario.
  • Promote training in lobbying procedures, parliamentary procedures and negotiating skills.
  • Create and publish a bulletin that would provide information on courses, seminars, lectures and personal development in the areas of science, technology, languages, commerce, humanity and health.
  • Twinning with another Young BPW in another province.
  • Promote attendance and participation at the leadership seminars, provincial board meetings and Provincial Conference as opportunities for personal development and leadership training.
  • Support and encourage flexibility within BPW to implement new ideas and technology.
  • Subscribe to the Young BPW Newsletter and encourage participation in submitting articles and reports.
  • Networking worldwide, utilizing the newsletter, mailing lists and other tools.


In this electronic age, it is now possible to connect with so many others; across the city, in the next town or on the other side of the world in minutes. Connecting with others means enlightenment, understanding, support and friendship. Networking with Young BPW members around the world is done through the Young BPW newsletter, Young BPW electronic mailing list, the Young BPW home page and electronic meetings.


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