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    Why I'm a BPW Member

    • BPW supports and assists women to be all they can be, improving women's lives worldwide. The friendships I have made over the years keep me in BPW. – Kingston member since 1983.

    • BPW has definitely helped me grow as a person and a business woman.  I feel much more comfortable talking to groups and I have learned numerous business skills. My life is definitely richer in many ways. – Barrie member since 2004

    • I belong to several business and networking groups but I particularly enjoy BPW as the members are diverse, approachable and supportive with a common shared interest in women’s issues. - London member since 2012.

    • BPW is a true sisterhood of women who are always there for one another when needed.  Their community involvement is exemplary as is their dedication to the plight of less fortunate women everywhere.  - Brampton member since 2002.


    Maclean's: Men Pay 26% More!

    Equal Pay

    The February 2018, "Maclean’s has created two covers with two different prices—one at $8.81, the other at our regular price of $6.99—to reflect the 26 per cent gap between full-time wages paid to men and women in Canada. It’s a cheeky way to draw attention to a gap that has barely budged in decades...."