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BPW Ontario has been recognized for its many projects over the years, from the Women's Empowerment Principles to Gender Wage Gap to Human Trafficking awareness campaigns to and submission of Briefs to Government.

Briefs result from Resolutions, developed mainly by local clubs and passed at the Provincial Conference/AGM, that contain directives to urge the provincial government and/or as appropriate specific ministries to take some sort of action. Opportunities to meet with the ministries affected by the resolutions enclosed in the brief are requested/granted. These meetings provide a further opportunity to strengthen our relationships with decision-makers and to reinforce how and why we feel our resolutions should be implemented.

Position Statements

Ontario Securities Commission - Seniors Strategy - March 2018

BPW Ontario congratulates Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) on the proactive stance taken on a key aspect of financial security for older women, a real concern of BPW Ontario and part of our advocacy work. 

OSC News Release, March 20, 2018: OSC outlines initiatives to respond to the needs of Ontario seniors and investment industry.

OSC Seniors Strategy (OSC Staff Notice 11-779 Seniors Strategy)

Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC)

TRC logo engIn June 2015, TRC released its final report on the Indian Residential System which was based on six years of work to gather the emotional and devastating stories of survival by Canada’s Aboriginal children.

According to Justice Murray Sinclair, Chair of the TRC, “reconciliation is not an aboriginal problem. It is a Canadian problem.”

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End Coerced and Forced Sterilization of Indigenous Women

Sign the Petition


BPW Bowmanville submitted a petition to the Government of Canada urging them to immediately enact legislation to abolish the practice of coerced and forced sterilization of Indigenous women, and are urging citizens to sign in support.

  • Coerced and forced sterilization is in contravention of Canadian Human Rights legislation;
  • The widespread practice of coerced and forced sterilization of women has been occurring across Canada since the 1930s;
  • There is minimal awareness of this practice;
  • The United Nations Committee Against Torture officially recognized that sterilizing Indigenous women without consent is a form of torture, and called on Canada to take action.

Read February 2021 Press Release

Equal Pay Day ON

#EqualPayDay in Ontario
April 7, 2021

Women are essential to Ontario's economy

The close to 30% gender wage gap in Ontario is one of the largest in the world! Pay discrimination is not limited to one career or demographic, it affects women of all ages, races, and education levels – regardless of their family decisions.

0% Gap by 2025

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