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#ProjectMapleLeaf is a national human trafficking awareness campaign, lead by Courage for Freedom and co-lead by BPW Canada, to increase public awareness of this issue specifically as it relates to girls under the age of 18.

The #ProjectMapleLeaf human trafficking of minor-aged victims awareness campaign follows the successful historic and non-government funded Project ONroute campaign run by Courage for Freedom, BPW Ontario, and Global Community Shapers, Toronto Chapter.

The goals of the campaign include

  1. making Canadians (including our government) aware of this heinous crime;
  2. starting the discussion needed to happen; and
  3. provide BPW Canad clubs with a campaign which they can share with their communities.

Key Dates

  • February 22, 2020: soft launch of #ProjectMapleLeaf and Canada’s Human Trafficking Awareness Day.

  • February 22 - July 30: BPW Canada members and other Canadians are encouraged to email all politicians (MPs, Senators, MLAs, MPPs, mayors) in each province and territory inviting them to participate in #ProjectMapleLeaf.
  • How can you participate?
    • Download and print the #ProjectMapleLeaf sign. Take the printed sign to business meetings, meetings with government officials, community events and activities and have photos taken of individuals and groups holding the sign. Share on social media with the #projectmapleleaf and #canadabpw hashtags and request your contacts to share on their social media.
    • Encourage your contacts to "join the campaign" to grow the movement.

  • July 1, 2020: Official launch date of the campaign at Tim Horton's across Canada.
    #ProjectMapleLeaf has secured a historic number of ads that are 45 seconds in length to run on screens, at approximately 5000 locations for the month of July ending with July 30th, the Celebration/Finale Day. These ads have once again been created by minor-aged survivors.

  • July 30, 2020: Campaign Finale/Celebration Day and the UN’s World Day Against Trafficking in Persons.
    Canadians will gather at designated coffee shop locations at 9:20 a.m. (this information will come closer to the date) within their communities to celebrate #ProjectMapleLeaf and to message their desire to eradicate the buying and selling of girls and boys in Canada.

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Human Trafficking in Canada

BPW alliance with Courage for Freedom began at the 2018 BPW Ontario Conference when the organization was introduced to BPW London member This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Executive Director of Farmtown Canada and Courage for Freedom. From that point, began the work of setting up the Ontario-wide sex trafficking awareness campaign, Project ONroute. Heather Ellis, BPW Ontario First Vice-President and Resolutions/By-Laws Chair, was appointed a Project Chair.

Project ONroute launch date was February 22, 2019 (Canada’s Human Trafficking Awareness Day) and concluded July 30, 2019 (World Day Against Trafficking in Persons).

The awareness campaign engaged Ontarians using the 400 series highway ONroute Service Centres by providing over 2 million media awareness impressions (video below) at all 20 Centres across Ontario during the month of July 2019.

#ProjectMapleLeaf, a Canada-wide Sex Trafficking Awareness Campaign, was unveiled at the July 30, 2019 Project ONroute campaign finale. Photo Gallery


Press Release, Courage for Freedom/Farmtown Canada, July 30, 2019: #ProjectONroute transforms into #ProjectMapleLeaf

#ProjectMapleLeaf aims to bring awareness to end human trafficking in Canada. The media awareness initiative is part of Courage for Freedom's community education strategy with cooperation, support and encouragement from numerous police services, first responders, victim support groups, community and political leaders, chambers of commerce, businesses, healthcare providers, women’s groups (including BPW Ontario and BPW Canada), civic groups, community services and more.

Our hope that by raising awareness we directly help trafficked individuals by Canadians reporting potential criminal activity. We hope this potentially increased reporting will lead to arrests of traffickers. We also hope that by raising awareness,  young women and their families will become more cautious and send a message to traffickers that Canadians will not tolerate this immoral criminal behaviour.


BPWO Members: ProjectONroute Photo Gallery

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