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Juror's Act - 1955

Sub-Category: JURY SERVICE
Resolution Number: 100.31.1
Year: 1955
Status: Resolved
Comments: Chairman Jury Service Committee (Dr. M. Bailey)

MOVED THAT the Provincial Organization request the Provincial Government to amend the Jurors' Act and that Section (3A) be deleted.
(This is the section that was added when the Act was revised to permit women to serve on juries. It is as follows:
SECTION 3A (1) A woman who is served with a summons, and does not desire to serve as a juror, shall, within three days after the date of receipt of the summons by her, notify the Sheriff in writing (Form 3A Schedule) that she claims exemption from service as a juror for a period of one year from the date of notice, and upon such notice being given to the Sheriff, the woman shall be exempt from service as a juror for the said period of one year.
AMENDMENT: M. Hyndman (Toronto) L. Trout (Brampton)
THAT the Provincial Board instruct the Committee to consult with other women's organizations in the province, and to report their findings to the Board before the Board takes any action.


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