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Funding For Shelters for Disabled Women - 1995

Resolution Number:100.40.21
Year: 1995

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that The Business and Professional Women's Clubs of Ontario urges the Government of Ontario to provide continuous adequate funding for both new and existing emergency shelters for all women with disabilities and their children;
FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED that appropriate funding be made to shelters to ensure that appropriate medical staff and equipment is available to look after women with disabilities or children when they are admitted to the shelter;
FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED that the Government designate certain funds to be made available to shelters so that at a minimum of one shelter in a designated area be equipped to handle any women with disabilities or children;
FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED that there be made available funding through the Ministry of Housing and Ministry of Health for secure housing, with attendant care, for able and disable women and their children upon leaving such shelters;
FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED that the following Resolutions be reaffirmed:
1988/03 - Shelter for Battered Women and Low Income Families
1991/01 - Funding for Shelters for Abused Women
1991/02 - Funding for Housing for Abused Women
1982/05 - Funding for Shelters
1983/04 - Shelter Funding


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