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Ontarians with Disabilities Act – 2000

Resolution Number:100.40.22

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Business and Professional Women’s Clubs of Ontario urge the Government of Ontario to adhere to their unanimous resolution passed in the Legislature on November 23, 1999 to enact an Ontarians with Disabilities Act within two years that would follow these principles:
1. To effectively ensure that persons with disabilities have the equal opportunity to full and meaningful participation in all aspects of life in Ontario based on their individual merit, by removing existing barriers and preventing the creation of new barriers;
2. The Ontarians with Disabilities Act should superseded all other legislation, regulations or policies which either conflict with it or which provide lesser protection and entitlement to persons with disabilities:
3. The Ontarians with Disabilities Act should require government entities, public premises, companies and organizations to be made fully accessible for those with disabilities through the removal of existing barriers and prevention of the creation of new barriers, within strict time frames for compliance to be prescribed in legislation or regulations;
4. That providers of goods, services and facilities to the public ensure that their goods, services and facilities are fully useable by persons with disabilities. This extends to all areas of education, providers of transportation and communication facilities and they should be required to implement detailed plans to remove existing barriers within legislated timetables;
5. That public and private sector employers be required to take proactive steps to achieve barrier-free workplaces within a prescribed time limit;
6. To provide for a prompt and effective process for enforcement of the legislation;
7. Ensure that an enforcement process be included in the Act and have input from disability groups and other stakeholders whose recommendations will be considered to specific sectors of the economy;
8. That the Government of Ontario provide education and other information resources to companies, individuals and groups who seek to comply with the requirements;
9. That the Government of Ontario take affirmative steps to promote the development and distribution in Ontario of new adaptive technologies and services for persons with disabilities;
10. That the said Act require provincial and municipal governments to make compliance a strict condition of funding for any program , or purchase of services, goods or facilities.
FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED that upon enactment of the Ontarians with Disabilities Act, that the Government of Ontario create a special ministry to ensure that the provisions and regulations of the said Act are adhered to.
FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED that the Government of Ontario under the Ontarians with Disabilities Act should provide financial resources to assist organizations, including businesses, to achieve a barrier free society. These could include, but are not limited to, subsidy programs and/or accelerated tax credits or deductions for expenditures specifically tied to compliance with the Ontarians with Disabilities Act.


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