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Government Funding Cuts Affecting Women - 1996

Sub-Category: SOCIAL - HOUSING
Resolution Number: 100.40.24
Club: North Toronto
Year: 1996
Status: Open

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Business and Professional Women's Clubs of Ontario:
1. urges the Premier of Ontario to require that his Cabinet Ministers read the Social Assistance Review Committee (SARC) Transitions report which outlines extensive research and recommendations relating to welfare reform;
4. urges the Government of Ontario to restore previous levels of funding to women's shelters and second stage housing;
5. urges the Government Of Ontario to investigate a more cost effective manner of delivering legal aid rather than simply slashing the programme and to exempt family law cases from any reduction in service.
6. urges the Government of Ontario to reinstate the eligibility requirements for those funded for disabilities and consult with leaders in the disability field prior to making any further changes;
7. urges the Government of Ontario to recognize that affordable, accessible and quality child care is vitally important to the economic viability of women, and to re-examine the long-term implications of cuts to child care funding;
8. urges the Government of Ontario to consider the negative consequences, including the job losses that will occur if it pursues its policy of eliminating non-profit housing, and review its decision in this regard;
10. urges the Government of Ontario to redirect previously allocated funds from provincial reference groups to the local reference groups under the local L.T.A.Boards to ensure that women's voices on education and training will be heard on the local level, given that OTAB has been dismantled and funding of Ontario Women's Reference Groups has been discontinued.


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