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Women’s Shelters - 1997

Resolution Number:100.41.4
Club:Ottawa & Windsor

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Business and Professional Women's Clubs of Ontario urge the Government of Ontario, specifically the Minister Responsible for Women’s Issues:]
a.Not to make any public policy decisions about service for victims of domestic and sexual assault on the basis of the McGuire Report, and
b.Before adopting and implementing any changes to the current service delivery system, undertake an extensive open consultation process, inviting specialized services agencies who presently serve the needs of victims or violence to participate as partners with equal voice and equal power in any evaluation and reform process.
FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED that the Business and Professional Women’s Clubs of Ontario urge the Government of Ontario to:
1.Reinstate rehabilitation programs funding for male batterers,
2.Reinstate the funds cut from the Ontario Women’s Directorate for education programs for violence against women to provide the continued education of women’s rights under the law to students, immigrant women, aboriginal women and women in general, and
3.Follow the recommendation of the Crombie Report, and give the Ontario Women’s Directorate the full responsibility of funding women’s shelters.
FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED that the Business and Professional Women’s Clubs of Ontario re-affirm the following resolutions:
1982- Funding of Shelters
1982- Research, Public Awareness and Education
1983- Shelter Funding
1988- Shelter for Battered Women and Low Income Families
1990- Funding – Women’s Centres
1991 - Funding for Shelters for Abuses Women
1991- Funding for Housing for Abuses Women
1993-Anger Management Programs
1994-Violence Against Women
1995 -Funding for Shelters for Battered Women and Women with Disabilities


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