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Wife Assault - Police & Legal Interviews - 1982

Resolution Number:100.41.5
Club:Toronto and Ottawa
Year: 1982

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Business and Professional Women's Clubs of Ontario urge the Government of Ontario to:
a) provide education and information to police, Crown Attorneys, and the judiciary to ensure that these officials are sensitive to the perspective of the victim and are aware of the recent research findings on wife assault;
b) recommend courts develop appropriate sentences which more adequately meet the needs of the victim, e.g. setting aside a portion of the husband's income for the use of the assaulted wife;
c) ensure that police officers are more aware of the effectiveness of Section 31 of the Criminal Code (Breach of Peace) to incarcerate the abuser overnight;
d) recommend police officers and courts facilitate the laying of charges to the Justice of the Peace and expedite the hearing by the establishment of "morning after" courts to avoid the continuing danger to the victim;
e) provide all police forces in Ontario with resources necessary to implement family crisis intervention service comparable to the Family Consultant Service of the London Police Force or the Domestic Response Team in Toronto;
f) ensure that all police officers receive a minimum of 20 hours training in awareness and communication skills specifically dealing with family violence and a better knowledge of the social agencies available to assist the female in these situations; and
g) ensure that wife assault is treated as a serious offence in its own right under the Criminal Code.


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