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Pornography - Public Education Program - 1987

Resolution Number:100.41.12
Year: 1987

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Business and Professional Women's Clubs of Ontario reaffirm the intent to reverse the escalating trend of pornography in society, as evidenced by Resolution 1983 (Res 100.41.10) dealing with videotapes, and hereby expand and amend that resolution by urging the Provincial Government to immediately establish a public educational program to raise the consciousness and awareness of the average Ontario resident about the forms current pornography is taking, its destructive impact on attitudes toward women, men and children, through its derogatory implications and symbols, as well as the negative values it perpetuates in our society. Such a public educational program must be undertaken through utilization of the mass media, on a long-term, planned basis, and with sufficient funding to be effective in its presentation - similar to the "seat belt" campaign; the "Don't Drink and Drive" campaign; or the recent "Stop Smoking" campaign.


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