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Specialized Domestic Violence Courts -2007

Resolution Number:100.41.35
Club:North Toronto

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that BPW Ontario strongly urges the Government of Ontario and the Office of the Attorney General to implement the recommendations of the Women’s Court Watch Project in its 2006 report, which are:“The Province and whatever police service is involved should undertake actions immediately to ensure that the operations of the domestic violence courts in Toronto [and in Ontario] are consistent with the objectives for the courts as established by the Ministry of the Attorney General in 2000, which include:
1.Early Intervention
•Maximum of 125 Days For Case Processing
2.Vigorous Prosecution
•Increasingly Serious Consequences for Repeat Offenders
•Minimize Reliance on Victim Testimony Through Use Of Enhanced Evidence Collection
3.Support and Advocacy For Victims
4.Effective Coordination And Collaboration Between Stakeholders To Increase Victim Safety Including Use Of Specialized Teams To Investigate And Prosecute.”

FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED that BPW Ontario strongly urges the government of Ontario and the Office of the Attorney General to take appropriate action to assure that the individual components of the Specialized Family Violence (police, crown attorney, judge, and probation) are appropriately retrained and educated by their respective jurisdictional bodies to effect the stated changes in the 2006 recommendations of the Women Court Watch Project.


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