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Combating Human trafficking

Resolution Number:100.41.36

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that BPW Ontario urge the Goverment of Ontario to work with the Government of Canada to develop and actively implement an integrated National Action Plan to combat trafficking in persons in general and in particular to provide funding for the followiing services for victims and those providing victim assistance:
1) Implement and fund a 24/7 hot line toll free phone number that is staffed with multi-lingual workers trained in the issues of human trafficking, which victims call for immediate, round the clock assistance. The number is to be widely advertised and accompanied by an awareness and promotional campaign in ethnic and mainstream media.
2) Safe houses or shelters specifically for trafficked victims where they can be clothed and receive or be referred to necessary services such as therapy and health care.
3) A toll free number for police officers, NGO's, front-line health workers and anyone who encounters human trafficking victims to call for immediate, 24 hour assistance.
4) An official network of agencies working together to provide needed services and integrated police human trafficking task force that seeks victims and tracks perpetrators.


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