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Juvenile Delinquents - 1956

Resolution Number: 100.42.3
Club: Toronto
Year: 1956
Status: Resolved

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED THAT the Toronto Business and Professional Women's Club urge the Provincial Organization to petition again the Government of Ontario to:
1.Arrange for the proclamation of the Federal Juvenile Delinquents Act for the entire Province so that the act will come into effect in those areas in which it has not been proclaimed, namely, Bruce County, Frontenac County (except the City of Kingston where it has been proclaimed), Lanark, Leeds-Grenville, Victoria-Haliburton Counties.
Raise the upper age limit for juveniles to whom this Federal Act applies in the province from 16 to 18 years of age.
2.Establish Juvenile and Family Courts in the areas of the Province that still lack them, namely Bruce, Frontenac (except the City of Kingston), Lanark, Leeds-Grenville and Victoria-Haliburton Counties.
3.To assume the entire costs of administration and services (including detention homes) of Juvenile and Family Courts in the Province.


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