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Day Care Centres - 1972

Resolution Number:100.60.3
Year: 1972
Comments:BE IT RESOLVED THAT the BPW Clubs of Ontario urge the Government of Ontario

(a) where there is no municipal action, to promote the establishment of new Day-Care Centres and/or Supervised Family Day-Care Services through direct support to private, particularly community groups, who can show the need for services in their area.
(b) to ensure that there are increased full day-care facilities, particularly to meet the needs of one parent families, and that hours of operation of the services and their location take into account the hours of work of shift workers in the area.
(c) to ensure that more facilities are provided for infant day-care (under 2 years of age).
(d) to increase support and recognition of the training of infant care workers to ensure that adequate numbers of qualified people, male and female, are available for day-care work.
(e) to ensure that more suitable facilities are available to children over 10 years of age for supervision before and after school hours; and where necessary during mid-day lunch breaks.
FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED THAT the individual BPW Clubs of Ontario and individual members be urged to take steps to support improvement of Day-Care facilities in their locality or at their place of employment.


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