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Access, Funding & Staffing - 1990

Resolution Number:100.60.8
Year: 1990

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Business & Professional Women's Clubs of Ontario urge the Government of Ontario to:
1.Give high priority and set adequate goals in the next 3 year plan for 1991-1993, to provide funding for the expansion of licensed quality and affordable child day care services to catch-up to the level of the need for accessible day care services - especially to meet the needs of parents who are shift workers, those who are receiving social assistance while attending education institutions, those who live in rural areas, and parents who need care for infants.
2.Implement the proposals of the Pay Equity Commission in September 1989 for amendments to the Pay Equity Act which would provide a method of establishing an equitable pay level for the predominantly female job of child care worker which usually has no comparable male job within the same employer.
3.Ensure that funding for public not-for-profit child care services covers the cost of meeting salary levels determined through Pay Equity processes - as well as covering increases for cost of living factors and allow for a level of flexibility in staffing, working conditions and benefits, all of which could be expected to result in a decrease in turnover rates in this occupation.


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