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Child Care in Ontario - 2005

Resolution Number:100.60.29
Club:North Toronto

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the BPW Ontario strongly urge the Government of Ontario to enter into negotiations with the Government of Canada to share the costs of a National Child Care Program that would provide families, with an annual income of less than $75,000, a subsidized child care program;
FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED that BPW Ontario urges the Province of Ontario to provide more affordable spaces for child care to alleviate the backlog currently in the systems;
FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED that BPW Ontario urge the Province of Ontario to make child care spaces available with payment being assessed on a sliding scale according to family incomes. Families with an income under $25,000 would not pay an y cost and fees would rise with income levels. Those families with incomes over $75,000 would have to pay the full rate;
FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED that the following Resolutions be reaffirmed:
1983/06 Funding Day Care Centre’s
1985 Increase Funding for Daycare
1990 Funding for Child Care and Staffing
1993 Day Care Facilities
1994 Day Care Standardized
1994 Day Care Centre’s within Educational Institutions
1995/05 Clean Recorded Certificate for Caregivers/Educators
2000 Early Childhood Development


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