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Breast Cancer Prevention – 1998

Resolution Number:100.80.3
Club:North Toronto

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Business and Professional Women’s Clubs of Ontario urge the Government of Ontario and the Minister of Health for Ontario to:
a) Set up and/or continue the Cancer Prevention Network as outline in the Task Force recommendations;
b) Implement the recommendations made by the International Joint Committee on Great Lakes Water Quality in response to rising breast cancer rates in the Great Lakes Basin, especially in respect to chlorine compounding;
c) Allocate 505 of cancer research funding to the primary prevention of cancer;
d) Ensure that Primary Prevention be a major Focus of Cancer Care Ontario;
e) Ensure that at least 50% of the members of the Board of Cancer Care Ontario have a prevention focus;
f) Ensure that at least 50% of the Board of Cancer Care Ontario be female.


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