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Patient Home Health Care - 1999

Resolution Number:100.80.10

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Business and Professional Women’s Clubs of Ontario urge the Government of Ontario, in particular the Ministry of Health, to:
1.a)Ensure that the financial resources derived from the in-patient bed closures be reallocated for the planning, development and delivery of comprehensive home health care programs and home making services, and for the evaluation of these services;
b)And ensure that the programs do not impose undue care giving responsibilities on primary care givers who are usually women, and in particular working women.
2.Design flexible programs that will accommodate the differing requirements of individual patients undergoing short term recovery, or undergoing long term recovery and/or with chronic and/or terminal illnesses.
3.Ensure that the home situation of patients is assessed before patients are discharged from hospital and, therefore, guarantee that no patients are discharged early, if adequate home care is not available to them.
4.Develop systems/programs that include non-paid home care providers in the decision making processes and requirements regarding Home Care.
5.Provide for information and education of health care professionals and public on available services.


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