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Patient Restraint Minimization Act -2002

Resolution Number:100.80.17

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that BPW Ontario urges the Government of Ontario to:
1. Amend the Patients Restraints Minimization Act 2001 so that both sections 5 and 6 include all four conditions that must be met when a patient is restrained:
a) If is necessary to prevent serious bodily harm to the patient or another person;
b) If the restraint, confinement or device is used in accordance with any requirements set out in regulations;
c) If it gives the patient greater freedom or greater enjoyment of life; and
d) If this is authorized by the plan of treatment to which either the patient or his/her substitute decision maker has consented.
2. Define offenses in the Act.
3. Provide remedies or sanctions for violations.


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