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Ontario Human Rights Code Amendments -1965

Resolution Number:200.10.3
Year: 1965

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Ontario Business and Professional Women's Clubs petition the Government of Ontario to amend the Ontario Human Rights Code by inserting the word "sex" between the words "colour" and "nationality", in Section IV-I, and any other sections of the code in which discrimination is prohibited, so that discrimination would then be prohibited on the grounds of race, creed, colour, sex, nationality, ancestry or place of origin.
Section 4 (1) would then read:
"No employer or person acting on behalf of an employer shall refuse to employ or continue to employ any person or discriminate against any person with regard to employment or any term of condition of employment because of race, creed, colour, sex, nationality, ancestry or place of origin."
FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED THAT we also urge the Provincial Government to substitute the words "work of comparable character" for the words "the same work" in Section 5 and to place the enforcement of this section of the code in the hands of the Department of Labour.


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