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Employment Equity - Quotas -1992

Resolution Number:200.10.14
Year: 1992

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Business and Professional Women's Clubs of Ontario recommend that the Ontario Government consider the following points in establishing Employment Equity legislation:
1. That the program include organizations of 50 or more (or no threshold at all), to make the statistical comparisons used as the basis of the program relevant and meaningful; and
2. That the Government acknowledge their proposed programs as a quota system (of which we do not approve) and deal with the implications of using quotas for hiring; and
3. That the Government consider the negative consequences of a quota system and establish government sponsored/funded methods of dealing with such consequences should they decide to proceed with such a program; and
4. That the Government establish programs to deal with all barriers of employment, both external to and in the work place, including barriers in the education system, to be accomplished through either Employment Equity legislation or companion legislation.


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