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Human Rights Bill 107 Structure, Accessibility and Support - 2008

Resolution Number:200.10.25

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that BPW Ontario urges the Government of Ontario, the Attorney General, the Minister of Labour and the Minister Responsible for Women's Issues to ensure that in establishing the operational and reporting structure of the Human Rights Commission, Human Rights Tribunal and Human Rights Legal Support Center the following issues are fully addressed;

1.Awareness/promotional initiatives and campaigns are designed to ensure ease of access to the Human Rights Legal Support Centre resources and the Human Rights Tribunal for all women and in particular for those marginalized women who might not be familiar with and/or comfortable with accessing an agency of this nature.

2.Legal support be provided to women who will require assistance with formulating and/or presenting their case during both the preparation phase and throughout the tribunal process as requested/required by the complainant.

3.Clearly defined target timelines need to be established to ensure the intended reduction of the time period for when a complaint is lodged and an adjudication is conducted can be monitored for ongoing improvements to the Human Rights System deliverables.

4.The Human Rights Commission/Tribunal and Human Rights Legal Support Centre transparency and accountability be strengthened by ensuring the Human Rights Commission Report be annually delivered directly to the Legislature.


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