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Reaffirmation of Resolution 200.10.23

Resolution Number:200.10.26

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that BPW Ontario reaffirm #200.10.23 in the BPW Ontario Index of Resolutions entitled Investing in Ontario's Nurses - 2003 sponsored by BPW Bracebridge.
FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED that BPW Ontario urge the Government of Ontario to invest in Ontario's nurses by placing priority on the specific areas outlined in the following recommendations from the Romanow Report that addresses the supply, quality of working life and scope of practice for nurses, as they apply to the Province of Ontario.
A portion of the proposed Rural and Remote Access Fund, the Diagnostic Services Fund, the Primary Health Care Transfer and Home Care Transfer should be used to improve the supply and distribution of health care providers, encourage changes to their scope and patterns of practice, and ensure that the best use is made of the mix of skills of different health care providers.
Recommendation #16
The Health Council of Canada should systematically collect, analyze and regualrly report on relevant and necessary information about the Canadian health workforce, including issues related to recruitment, distribution and remuneration of health care providers.
Recommendation #17
The Health Council of Canada should review existing education and training programs and provide recommendations to the province and territories on more integrated education programs for preparing health care providers, particularly for primary health care settings.
Recommendation #18
The Health Council of Canada should develop a comprehensive plan for addressing issues related to the supply, distribution, education and training, remuneration, skills and patterns of practice for Canada's health workforce.


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