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Violation of Equal Pay Regulations -1965

Resolution Number:200.20.2
Year: 1965

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Business and Professional Women's Clubs of Ontario urge the Government of Ontario to amend the Ontario Human Rights Code 1962 or such regulations or rules pertaining to its implementation to provide:
a. That qualified inspectors of the Ontario Department of Labour be instructed to institute investigations of infractions of Part 1, Section 5 (Equal Pay for Equal Work) of the Human Rights Code.
b. That complaints of discrimination against Part 1, Section 5 (Equal Pay for Equal Work) of the Human Rights Code may be laid by a person or persons, other than the person or persons affected by that discrimination.
c. That where the employer has violated Part 1, Section 5 (Equal Pay for Equal Work) of the Human Rights Code, such employer be required to pay to the employee(s) discriminated against, either the whole amount which such employee(s) would have received had the employer complied with Part 1, Section 5, or the amount covering such back pay for the six-month period immediately preceding the disclosure, whichever amount is the greater.
d. That penalties be imposed upon the employer who, by discharge, demotion or other overt or covert act, discriminates against the employee whose rights under Part 1, Section 5 of the Human Rights Code (Equal Pay for Equal Work) he has been found guilty of violating.


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