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Remuneration - Benefits, Pensions, Unisex Actuarial Tables -1976

Resolution Number: 200.20.5
Club: Toronto
Year: 1976
Status: Resolved
Reaffirmed: 1979 (Res 200.20.7)/ 1980 (Res 200.30.2)

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Business and Professional Women's Clubs of Ontario:
1. commend the Government of Ontario for
(a) placing the control of plans for and benefits from superannuation pensions, and insurance (life, accident, disability and health) under the Ontario Employment Standards Act where they properly belong as part of the employee's remuneration;
(b) Its broad acceptance of the Government's Task Force recommendations as contained in the Task Force Final Report dated April 1975, in particular recommendations #3, #83, and #84.
2. regret the Government's acceptance of differentiations between employees because of sex where differentiation is determined upon actuarial tables presently in use;
3. recommend that the Government of Ontario recognize the principle of equality between the sexes in establishing the costs of pension, benefits, life insurance, disability insurance, health insurance and similar benefits, including actuarial equivalents of such benefits which costs depend upon the contingencies of human life, such as death, accident, sickness and disease with a view to promoting the use of unisex tables so that women and men will pay equal premiums and receive equal benefits under these plans.


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