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Proxy Comparisons - 1995

Resolution Number:200.20.20
Year: 1995

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Business and Professional Women's Clubs of Ontario very strongly urges the Government of Ontario, the Finance Minister and the various ministries concerned to re-allocate existing funds in the provincial budget and increase financial resources from the affected ministries to those agencies within their jurisdiction to ensure that pay equity adjustments determined by the proxy comparison method to women workers in female-dominated workplaces be achieved within a maximum of a 5-year time frame.
Bill 154, the Pay Equity Act which became effective January 1, 1988, required employers in Ontario to:
(a) set up pay equity plans to make sure that their salary and wage scales were based on the VALUE of work performed - regardless of the sex of the person doing the work, and
(b) make pay adjustments if it was discovered that women were being paid less than men for work of equal or comparable value.
This required employers being able to find male-dominated jobs in the same workplace to which to compare their female-dominated jobs.
This comparison was based on examining job content, i.e. the work actually being done, and comparing male and female dominated jobs using four universal evaluation or compensable factors,i.e.:Skill Effort (mental and physical) Responsibility Working Conditions
The reality of the implementation of Bill 154 resulted in many lower female-dominated jobs (e.g. data entry clerk, receptionist, cook) and female-dominated workplaces (e.g. shelters, nursing home, small municipalities and utilities) which had no male comparator jobs being excluded from the legislation. It was precisely these jobs which were being excluded which the original legislation had intended to address.
To correct this, an amendment to the Pay Equity Act became effective July 1, 1993, requiring employers in both broader public sectors to carry out a "proportional value comparison" exercise and employers in the broader public sector with no male-dominated jobs to carry out a "proxy comparison" exercise.


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