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Employment Standards Act-Pension Benefits Act/Public Service/ Labour Relations Act/Education/Opportunity-1984

Resolution Number:200.30.3

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Business and Professional Women's Clubs of Ontario
urge the Government of Ontario to implement the principles of the following recommendations of
the Report of the Commission of Inquiry into Part-Time Work in Canada, especially with respect to
employees that work regularly on a part-time basis.
A) Recommendations Nos. 5, 10a and 12, in which the Employment Standards Act of Ontario
should be amended to introduce a new provision ensuring that part-time workers are included in
all fringe benefits and pension plans (on a pro-rated basis), where an employer provided these
benefits for full-time workers doing similar work; and should be amended to ensure that part-time
workers receive the same protection rights, and benefits (on a pro-rated basis) as those now
guaranteed to full-time workers; and also should be amended to ensure that part-time workers
receive equal pay for work of equal value regardless of the average number of hours of work per
week or month.
B) Recommendation No. 6, with reference to the Ontario Pension Benefit Act, that formulae be
adopted to calculate earnings and/or length of service, to provide for part-time workers pension
benefits that are proportionate to those earned by full-time workers after allowance for different
hours of work.
C) Recommendations No. 20 and 21, with reference to employees of the Ontario Public Service
and its Boards and Commissions;
1) to amend the Ontario Public Service Superannuation Act to provide all regular part-time
employees with pro-rated pension benefits;
2) to implement regular part-time work in the Classified Service, based on the number of hours,
weeks, or months worked;
3) to give Managers incentives for providing regular part-time work and job sharing in their
departments, and to declare that such provisions be part of their responsibilities in the
implementation of their Affirmative Action Program;
4) that regular part-time workers be given access to opportunities for promotion and training.
D) Recommendation No. 23, whereby the Labour Relations Act of Ontario be amended to
introduce a new provision to integrate all regular part-time employees into the same collective
bargaining unit as full-time employees doing the same work.
E) Recommendation No. 25, disseminating information through educational channels, through the
implementation of job creation programs, and through economic and human resources planning
policies (in the public and private sectors) to encourage employers to;
1) offer part-time work throughout the whole spectrum of skills and occupations and at all levels of
their organizations;
2) provide part-time workers with access to training programs, promotional opportunities, job
security and seniority on a basis comparable to their full-time counterparts;
3) allow both male and female employees to have the option of reducing their work week, with a
proportional reduction in wages and benefits for a period of time to meet their lifestyle changes.


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