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Hearing Impaired Children - 1983

Resolution Number:300.10.14
Club:Collingwood and District
Year: 1983

RESOLUTION:THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Business and Professional Women's Clubs of Ontario encourage the Association of Canadian Educators of the Hearing Impaired to urge the Government of Ontario to:
(1) ensure that hearing impaired children be exposed to the total communication method of education at an early age so that the child is communicating early and, therefore, can progress intellectually and socially;
(2) require the schools of Ontario involved in education of the deaf to use the method best suited to the individual child's needs;
(3) develop after consultation with the Canadian Hearing Society and other appropriate organizations, a kit for parents to inform them of resources and educational methods to assist the hearing impaired child, and to make this available to physicians, clinics and Public Health Units.


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