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Observing International Women's Year 1975 - 1974

Sub-Category: GENERAL
Resolution Number: 600.10.5
Club: Toronto
Year: 1974
Status: Resolved

RESOLUTION:BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Business and Professional Women's Clubs of Ontario urge the Government of Ontario
ð to proclaim its intention to observe 1975 as INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S YEAR, and
ð to honour the occasion by establishing and maintaining an ONTARIO WOMEN'S RESOURCE CENTRE under a qualified woman as Director.
(a) to collect, cross-reference and house archival material on women of Ontario and their activities in the Province such material to include:
ð statistics, biographies, writings, speeches, books, crafts, films, tapes, photographs, pictures, busts, plaques, etc.
ð documents, relating to women's associations, directories and women's movement
ð information on women's development, activities and status in domestic, social, racial, ethnic, community, regional, religious, musical, artistic, educational, scientific, economic, political, financial and legislative matters;
(b) to provide space and facilities for individuals and groups to organize exhibits and view films related to women's activities.


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