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Recommendations of Select Committee - Air Pollution - 1957

Resolution Number:700.10.1
Club:North Toronto
Year: 1957

RESOLUTION:BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED THAT the North Toronto Business and Professional Women's Club requests the Provincial Organization to commend the Provincial Government on work done by the select committee on air pollution and smoke control, and to urge the government to implement the five principal recommendations of the Select Committee at once.
1. That an Ontario air pollution control commission should be established, organized, and brought into active operation immediately.
2. That existing Ontario legislation dealing with air pollution is antiquated and should be amended.
3. That the proposed Air Pollution Commission should deal with the control of air pollution originating from railways as they pass through the province.
4. That the proposed air pollution control commission should deal with control of air pollution originating from ships docked, moored or navigated in any Ontario harbour, or operated in waters within provincial boundaries.
5. That the proposed commission prohibit domestic incinerators, consider with great care what type, if any, shall be permitted as incinerators for apartment houses, and give immediate and serious attention to the disposal of garbage and industrial wastes.


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