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Funding Workshops on Preventing and Dealing with Domestic Violence for the Immigrant Community - 2013

Resolution Number:100.41.38

Background: Reports on family violence in immigrant communities indicate that the women rarely seek help because they fear stigma, family shame and losing their immigration status. Some of the women may even feel committed to trying to help their partners to work through their difficulties.
With English usually being a second language, women find it particularly difficult to navigate the bureaucracy that may help them. In addition, not all support workers are educated in handling cultural problems. Outreach, prevention and support programs are needed. Educational and information sessions need to be developed for both the victims and those assisting them.
With family abuse increasing, it has been calculated that the cost of violence against women in Canada for health care, criminal justice, social services and lost wages and productivity is $4.2 billion per year. In 2011 the Ontario government gave a $150,000 grant to help abused women in the South Asian community in Toronto. More such funding is needed.
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RESOLUTION: THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that BPW Ontario urges the government of Ontario and the Ministry of Community and Social Services to not reduce existing funding and to provide additional designated funds to social agencies working with immigrant communities to provide education for the prevention and handling of domestic abuse;

AND FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED that BPW Ontario urges the Ministry of Education, who controls the curriculum, to include content that addresses cultural abuse within immigrant communities;

AND FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED that BPW Ontario urges the Ministry of Education to ensure that school boards in Ontario implement gender role sensitive curriculum in immigrant communities.


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