2017 International Congress: BPW Ontario Awarded Third Place - Excellent Advocacy for Women

October 25, 2017: BPW Ontario was awarded third place in the "BPW International Power to Make a Difference Through Advocacy - Excellent Advocacy for Women" at the 29th BPW International Congress held in Cairo, Egypt. BPW Ontario's work with the Ontario Government’s Gender Wage Gap Steering Committee was noted.

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BPW Ontario

April 20, 2015: Linda Davis, BPW Ontario's Past Presdient, has been apppointed to Ontario's government  new Gender Wage Gap Steering Committee. Click here to read the annoucement.

Certificate of Achievement

The Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women is pleased to present the certificate of achievement to BPW Cambridge, BPW Lakeshore, BPW London, BPW North Toronto, BPW Trenton & District in recognition of being appointed to the Inaugural BPW Ontario Honour Roll for participation in Career Skills Achievement Program - Modules 1 and 2, awarded June 3, 2000. Presented by Darla D.W. Campbell, Personal Development Chair, BPW Canada 1996-2000.

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