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2017 International Congress: BPW Ontario Awarded Third Place - Excellent Advocacy for Women

October 25, 2017: BPW Ontario was awarded third place in the "BPW International Power to Make a Difference Through Advocacy - Excellent Advocacy for Women" at the 29th BPW International Congress held in Cairo, Egypt. BPW Ontario's work with the Ontario Government’s Gender Wage Gap Steering Committee was noted.

bpwo advocacy award congress2017   2017 Congress
BPW Ontario

April 20, 2015: Linda Davis, BPW Ontario's Past Presdient, has been apppointed to Ontario's government  new Gender Wage Gap Steering Committee. Click here to read the annoucement.

BPW National Leadership Awards

The 2012 Leadership Award was presented at BPW Canada's 43rd Biennial Convention in London, Ontario. Dr. Carole Orchard of BPW London received the award.

The 2010 Leadership Award was presented at BPW Canada's 42nd Biennial Convention in Barrie, Ontario. Laura Noble of BPW London, Ontario the received the award. Award was presented Henrike von Platen of BPW Germany.

The 2008 Leadership Awards were presented at BPW Canada's 41st Biennial Convention in Winnipeg in July 2008. Sheila Crook of BPW London, Ontario, Linda Prafke of BPW Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and Rachel Proulx of BPW Greater Sudbury, Ontario received the distinctive award for their outstanding leadership. Also nominated were Sharon Hale of BPW Greater Moncton and Dianne Matyas of BPW Kitchener-Waterloo. The awards were presented by the President of the International Federation of Business and Professional Women Chonchanok (Nok) Viravan of Thailand.

BPW Ontario Leadership/Women of the Year

This award recognizes club members for their outstanding achievements during a biennium.

Leadership 2018

Mary Beth Bezzina - BPW London
Sharon Doran - BPW Barrie
Pat Dowling - BPW Brampton

Leadership - 2016

Winn Barnett - BPW London
Kim Rowntree - BPW Barrie

Leadership Recipient 2014 - Laura Noble - BPW London
Lin Gibson - BPW Greater Sudbury
Barb Hicks - BPW Bowmanville
Karen Moffatt - BPW London
Corinna Traill - BPW Bowmanville
Christina Wetmore - BPW Barrie

Distinguished Service Award - 2014

Doris Hall - BPW London

Leadership - 2012

Barbara Wetmore - BPW Barrie
Norma Yau - BPW London

Leadership -  2010

Sandra Franke - BPW Barrie
Kathyrn Munn - BPW London
Linda Rice - BPW North Toronto

Leadership - 2008

Katherine Allen – BPW Toronto East
Kim Beatty – BPW Durham
Vi Andersen – BPW Barrie/BPW Virtual Club

Woman of the Year 2006 – Teresa Habs – BPW Barrie

Woman of the Year 2004 – Joyce Marshall – BPW Durham


  • Rachel Proulx – BPW Sudbury

Woman of the Year 2002 – Sheila Crook - BPW London


  • Valerie Darling – BPW Trenton & District
  • Val McMahon – BPW Greater Sudbury

Congratulations to the following members, who were selected as Outstanding Women of the Year by their districts

  • District 1: Vickie Hughes, BPW London
  • District 2: Ann Kenney
  • District 4: Val Dunn, BPW Toronto East
  • District 5: Valerie Darling, BPW Trenton & District
  • District 6: Marlene Moore

The outstanding Woman of the Year for Ontario is Ann Kenney. She will represent BPW Ontario at the upcoming National Convention.

1998 Nominees from Ontario:

  • District 2 - Ann Kenney (Bracebridge)
  • District 3 - Carrie McCollum (Cambridge)
  • District 4 - Mary Andrews (Brampton) and Mavis Carlton (Bowmanville)
  • District 5 - Ruth McMullen (Belleville)
  • District 6 - Sharon Selkirk (Sault Ste. Marie)

Sharon Selkirk was chosen to represent Ontario, and then received the national award at the BPW Canada Convention in Lethbridge, Alberta.

1996 Nominees from Ontario:

  • District 3 - Elisabeth Clare, BPW Cambridge
  • District 4 - Carol Sharpe, BPW Durham
  • District 5 - Ruth McMullen, BPW Belleville
  • District 6 - Leena Jenson, BPW Sudbury

Carol Sharpe was chosen to represent Ontario, and then received the national award at the BPW Canada Convention in Sudbury.

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BPW Ontario presented the following members pins to signify their years of service to our organization for 25 years or more. It is the dedication of these members and those who have gone before them that make the Business and Professional Women clubs a success.

Sophie Steadman, Ottawa - 64 years

50-54 Years  
Audrea Lear-Costigan, Toronto Lillian Preston, Kingston
Doris Huber, Cambridge Greta Capps, Brampton
Lillian Jones, Barrie Betty Walker, Bracebridge
Kay Simpson, Brampton Isabel McLellan, North Toronto
Janet Fullett, Toronto May Morrow, North Toronto
45-49 Years  
Millie Baird, Kirkland Lake Milly Kohut, Kirkland Lake
Kathleen Smith, Toronto Dorothy Brown, Belleville
Patricia Francis, North Toronto Georgina Winter-Bottom, North Toronto
Besse Bell, Ottawa Shirley Woodcox, Belleville
Helen Devitt, Bowmanville  
40-44 Years  
Ann Felesko, Brampton Frances Palmer, Kingston
Marnie Emerson, Ottawa Yvette Merrell, Kirkland Lake
Evelyn Slobosky, Windsor Isabel Crumb, St. Catharines
Elizabeth Clare, Toronto Dormer Ellis, Cambridge
Jean Sarkisian, Cambridge Esther Brobst, Cambridge
Ruth McMullen, Belleville Joyce Lock, Toronto
Joyce O'Shea, Kingston Kathleen Rankin, Trenton
35-39 Years  
Betty Worden, Brampton June Korhonen, Kirkland Lake
Betty Anderson, Belleville Shirley Giles, North Toronto
Judge Donna Hayley, North Toronto Jean Lowery, Toronto
Ethel Obakato, London Marion Ross, Kirkland Lake
Betty Bryant, North Toronto Edith Hill, North Toronto
Anna Jefferson, Niagara Falls Helen White, Niagara Falls
30-34 Years  
Jan Earle, Lakeshore Margaret Jackson, Toronto
Marion McFaul, Belleville Izetta Hobbs, S.S. Marie
Donna Cameron, S.S. Marie Sharon Selkirk, S.S. Marie
Leny Crum-Ewing, North Toronto Helen Carefoot, Windsor
Sadie Campbell, Bracebridge Barbara Jones, North Toronto
Liz Neville, Toronto  
25-29 Years  
Barbara Wood, Windsor Twila Harpwood, Welland
Linda Armbrust, Welland Judy Hagerman, Bowmanville
Elinor Linney, Ottawa Henrietta Green, Toronto
Margot Hall, Ottawa Ethel Clarke, Toronto
Valerie Clarke, Toronto Shirley Gordon, Bracebridge
Marion Hedges, Cambridge Susan Jane Lustgarten, North Toronto
Mary Beach, Kingston  

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Life membership in the Canadian Federation (BPW Canada) is conferred on a member by her club, in recognition of her contribution to all levels of the organization.

Barrie: Lillian Jones, Mildred Jose
Bowmanville: Helen Devitt, Mavis Carlton
Brampton: Mary Andrews, Greta Capps, Anne Felesko, Pearl McCabe, Paddy Silverthorne
Cambridge: Doris Huber, Elisabeth Clare, Mary Balfour
Ottawa: Lynne Grishko, Margot Hall, Hazel Joy, Geraldine McCauley, Sophie Steadmen
St. Catharines: Isabel Crumb
Sault Ste. Marie: Dora Cook, Ruth Jesshope, Sharon Selkirk
Toronto: Janet Follett, Doris Guyatt, Margaret Jackson, Elizabeth Neville, Kathleen Smith
North Toronto: Leny Crum-Ewing, Patricia Francis, Shirley Giles, Isabel McLellan, May Morrow, Georgena Winterbottom
Welland & District:Peg Campbell
Jan Earle

Certificate of Achievement

The Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women is pleased to present the certificate of achievement to BPW Cambridge, BPW Lakeshore, BPW London, BPW North Toronto, BPW Trenton & District in recognition of being appointed to the Inaugural BPW Ontario Honour Roll for participation in Career Skills Achievement Program - Modules 1 and 2, awarded June 3, 2000. Presented by Darla D.W. Campbell, Personal Development Chair, BPW Canada 1996-2000.

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