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Thank you to BPW Ontario clubs and members who donated to the 2021 Virtual BPW Ontario Conference.


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July 30 2019 - Project Maple Leaf

July 30, 2019 (World Day Against Trafficking in Persons)

#ProjectMapleLeaf 2019 Campaign Celebration Finale

BPW Ontario

Barrie Bowmanville Brampton Cambridge Niagara Falls Kitchener (KW) Durham Belleville London North Toronto Trenton & District

Learn more about this human sex trafficking awareness project.

Project Report 2019 - 2020

BPW Ontario members, Courage for Freedom, MPP's, MP's, Mayors, various agencies, organizations and friends came together on July 30, 2019 at 12 different ONroutes across Ontario to celebrate the finale of the #ProjectMapleLeaf 2019 and to introduce the next step: #ProjectMapleLeaf Goes Nationwide

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BPW Barrie - Barrie ONroute

BPW Bowmanville - Port Hope East ONroute

BPW Brampton - King City ONroute

BPW Cambridge, Niagara Falls, Kitchener-Waterloo, Brampton - Cambridge ONroute

BPW Durham, Belleville - Napannee ONroute

BPW London - Tilbury South ONroute

BPW London - Woodstock ONroute

North Toronto BPW - Newcastle ONroute

BPW Trenton & District - Trenton South ONroute

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BPW Ontario Virtual Conference/AGM - 2020

Persons Day - 90th Anniversary - Queens Park, October 18, 2019

Members from BPW Brampton, Bowmanville, Durham, London, Niagara Falls, North Toronto and Trenton & District attending Ontario's Lieutenant Governor's Persons Day 90th Anniversary celebration at Queen's Park.

BPW Ontario Provincial Conference - Kitchener Waterloo - 2019

ProjectONroute Gallery

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BPW Ontario Provincial Conference - GTA District - 2018

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Conference Empowerment Gala - June 2, 2018

Recognizing Industry Leaders in STEM & Celebrating Community Advocates
Keynote Speaker: Aminka Belvitt, STEM Entrepreneur, Gender Equality Advocate

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BPW Ontario Provincial Conference - Niagara Falls - 2017 

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BPW Ontario Provincial Conference - Brampton  - 2016

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BPW Ontario Provincial Conference - Barrie - 2015

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BPW Ontario Provincial Conference - Greater Sudbury - 2014

 BPW Ontario Exec   Teresa Habs Linda Davis
 BPW Ontario 2014-2016 Board Induction   Teresa Habs and Outgoing President Linda Davis


dorishall distinction 
Carol Kollar (left) and Linda Davis (right) presenting Doris Hall (centre) with a Distinguished Service Award


barbhicksleadershipnominee    lauranoble award
Barb Hicks (Bowmanville) receiving Leadership Nominee   Laura Noble (London) receiving Leadership Award


mariannematichukmayor    galaexec
Sudbury Mayor presentation to BPWO Members   Head Table - Saturday Evening Gala

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BPW Ontario Provincial Conference - Mississauga - 2013

Barb Hore    Teresa Habs 
 Barb Hore - BPW Brampton    Teresa Habs - BPW Barrie
normajammin     valcarolsandramarlene
 Norma Yau - BPW London   Valerie Clarke - BPW N Toronto, Carol Kollar - BPW Brampton, Marlene McKinnon - BPW Sault Ste. Marie, Sandra Franke - BPW Barrie


winnandlinda      patkeays
Winn Barnett - BPW London and BPW Ontario President Linda Davis      Pat Keays - BPW Durham
 BPW Niagara Falls    bpwoexec
 BPW Niagara Falls - Membership Trophy Recipients     BPW Ontario Board

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BPW Ontario Provincial Conference - London - 2012

BPW Mississauga   leadership
Asha Singh and Sebanti Chadha (BPW Mississauga)   Leadership Recipients: Barb Wetmore (BPW Barrie), presenter Valerie Clarke (BPW North Toronto) and 2nd recipient Norma Yau (BPW London)


fun   BPW Sudbury Membership Trophy
Relaxing between events   BPW Sudbury winner of Membership Trophy presented to Christina Tougas by Carol Kollar (BPW Brampton)


BPW London   Presidents
Linda Davis, Brenda Carpenter, Doris Hall (BPW London)   Incoming President Linda Davis (BPW London), Outgoing President Teresa Habs (BPW Barrie)

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BPW Ontario Provincial Conference - GTA District - 2011

Girls Inc.   saturday
Presentation by Girls Inc.   Saturday
President Teresa Habs   Linda Davis

President Tereas Habs (BPW Barrie)

  1st VP Linda Davis (BPW London) and Secretary Olga Gil (BPW Brampton)


Laura Noble   Saturday
Laura Noble (BPW London), Olga Gil (BPW Bramtpon)   Members: BPW Bowmanville, Sault Ste Marie


banquet   Time For a Change
Banquet   Banquet Centrepiece

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BPW Ontario Conference, Barrie ON - 2010

Provincial Leadership Award Recipients: Sandra Franke (BPW Barrie), Linda Rice (BPW North Toronto) and Kathryn Munn (BPW London) 

sandra_franke   kathryn_award
Pat Prez (Leadership Chair), Sandra Franke and Carol Kollar (outgoing BPW ON President)   Pat Prez (Leadership Chair), Kathryn Munn,  Carol Kollar (outgoing BPW ON President), Carole Orchard (outgoing BPW London President) and Laura Noble (incoming BPW London President)



Pat Prez (Leadership Chair), Linda Rice and Carol Kollar (outgoing BPW ON President)


Years of Service and Provincial Membership Award


Carol Kollar presenting Membership Award to BPW London: Carole Orchard (outgoing President) and Rose Kuchynski (Membership Chair)   Sue Calhoun (outgoing BPW Canada President) and Carol Kollar present Years of Service Award.

The Members....


Barb Wetmore (BPW Barrie - Conference Committee)     Anne Carter (President BPW Trenton)


applause   fri_night_3


catherine_w   teresa
Catherine Whittle (BPW North Toronto)   Teresa Habs (BPW Barrie: Incoming  President)


fri_night_2   zoomba


bbq_international   bbq
Sharon Selkirk (BPW Sault Ste Marie), Jill Worobec (Regional Coordinator), Gabriella Canonica (1st Vice President BPW International) and Liz Benham (President BPW International)   Sharon Selkirk, Carol Pelton (BPW Selkirk) and Vi Peacock (BPW Barrie)

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BPW Ontario Conference Recap - 2009

Message from BPWON President, Carol Kollar:

I would like to thank everyone for all your help and dedication to BPW to make the 63rd Conference a success.

We should have a great year coming up and hopefully, we can accomplish lots of good things.

Thanks again.

BPW Canada's National President Sue Calhoun attended the BPW Ontario 63rd Conference. Click here to read her speech.

2009 Conference Photos 



Carol Kollar, Provincial President - Teresa Habs, Provincial First Vice-President - Carol Wrigtman, Central Ontario District Director - Cheryl Belshaw, Barrie President - Sandra Franke, Barrie Past President - Barb Wetmore, Barrie Membership Committee - Vi Andersen, BPW Canada VP - Sue Calhoun, BPW Canada President.




Sue Calhoun, Carol Kollar, Tereasa Habs, Keynote Speaker: Celia Ross-President, Algoma University   BPW Barrie receiving Membership Trophy: Carol Kollar, Barb Wetmore (Barrie MembershipCommittee, Sue Calhoun, Cheryl Belshaw (Barrie President)


Laura Noble (London 1st VP and Provincial Editor, Linda Davis (London Resolutions Chair and Provincial VP), Sue Calhoun   Carol Wrightman receiving 10 year pin from Carol Kollar and Sue Calhoun

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