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BPW Ontario Leadership / Woman of the Year 

This award recognizes members for their outstanding achievements, with a focus on leadership, during a biennium. A BPW Ontario member is nominated by at least one fellow member. The Leadership Award format began in 2008 and prior the Woman of the Year format was awarded from 2002 - 2006. From 1996 to 2000, the award was named the Outstanding Woman of the Year and members were nominated by their district.

Leadership 2020

Joint Winners

  • Valerie Clarke, North Toronto
  • Sheila Crook, Bowmanville
  • Heather Ellis, Trenton & District
  • Kelly Franklin, London
  • Joanne Hodgson, Barrie
  • Zainab Williams, Brampton

Leadership 2018

  • Mary Beth Bezzina, London
  • Sharon Doran, Barrie
  • Pat Dowling, Brampton

Leadership 2016

  • Winnifred Barnett, London
  • Kimberly Rowntree, Barrie

Leadership 2014

  • Recipient:  Laura Noble, London
    • Nominees: 
      • Lin Gibson, Greater Sudbury
      • Barb Hicks, Bowmanville
      • Karen Moffatt, London
      • Corinna Traill, Bowmanville
      • Christina Wetmore, Barrie

Distinguished Service Award 2014*

  • Doris Hall, London

Leadership 2012

  • Barbara Wetmore, Barrie
  • Norma Yau, London

Leadership 2010

  • Sandra Franke, Barrie
  • Kathryn Munn, London
  • Linda Rice, North Toronto

Leadership 2008

  • Katherine Allen, Toronto East
  • Kim Beatty, Durham
  • Vi Andersen, Barrie

Woman of the Year 2006

  • Teresa Habs, Barrie

Woman of the Year 2004

  • Recipient: Joyce Marshall, Durham
    • Nominee:
      • Rachel Proulx, Greater Sudbury

Woman of the Year 2002 

  • Recipient: Sheila Crook, London
    • Nominees: 
      • Valerie Darling, Trenton & District
      • Val McMahon, Greater Sudbury

* One-time award

Outstanding Woman of the Year (1996 - 2000)

Nominees were selected, by district, for the Outstanding Woman of the Year Award. The recipient of the Outstanding Women of the Award represented BPW Ontario at the upcoming BPW Canada National Convention. 

Outstanding Woman of the Year 2000

  • Recipient: Ann Kenney, District 2 - Bracebridge
    • Nominees:
      • Vickie Hughes, District 1 - London
      • Val Dunn, District 4 - Toronto East
      • Valerie Darling, District 5 - Trenton & District
      • Marlene Moore, District 6

Outstanding Woman of the Year 1998

  • Recipient:  Sharon Selkirk, District 6 - Sault Ste Marie
    • Nominees:  
      • Ann Kenney, District 2 - Bracebridge
      • Carrie McCollum, District 3 - Cambridge
      • Mary Andrews, District 4 - Brampton
      • Mavis Carlton, District 4 - Bowmanville
      • Ruth McMullen, District 5 - Belleville

Outstanding Woman of the Year 1996

  • Recipient:  Carol Sharpe, District 4 - Durham
    • Nominees:  
      • Elisabeth Clare, District 3 - Cambridge
      • Ruth McMullen, District 5 - Belleville
      • Leena Jenson, District 6 - Greater Sudbury

BPW Canada National Leadership Awards

BPW Canada Leadership Award is presented at the BPW Canada Biennium Convention.

BPW Ontario Recipients:

The 2020 Leadership was presented at BPW Canada's 47th Biennial Convention. This was a virtual event. Kelly Franklin of BPW London received the award. Click here to view the presentation of the award.

The 2012 Leadership Award was presented at BPW Canada's 43rd Biennial Convention in London, Ontario. Dr. Carole Orchard of BPW London received the award.

The 2010 Leadership Award was presented at BPW Canada's 42nd Biennial Convention in Barrie, Ontario. Laura Noble of BPW London received the award. Leadership Committee Member, Henrike von Platen of BPW Germany, presented the award to Laura.

The 2008 Leadership Awards were presented at BPW Canada's 41st Biennial Convention in Winnipeg in July 2008. Sheila Crook of BPW London, Ontario, Linda Prafke of BPW Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and Rachel Proulx of BPW Greater Sudbury, Ontario received the distinctive award for their outstanding leadership. Also nominated were Sharon Hale of BPW Greater Moncton and Dianne Matyas of BPW Kitchener-Waterloo. The awards were presented by the President of the International Federation of Business and Professional Women Chonchanok (Nok) Viravan of Thailand.

All BPW Canada Leadership Award Recipients

Life Members

Years of Service

BPW Ontario recognizes members for their years of service at each Annual Conference. Recognition is for 10 and 15 years of service. Twenty years and up is recognized at the BPW Canada Biennium Convention. 

BPW Ontario recognized the following members at the 2022 BPW Ontario Provincial Conference 

10 Years of Service
Sharon Doran Barrie
Lesley Kraus Barrie
Kimberly Rowntree Barrie
Sebanti Chadha Brampton
Catherine Rivera Brampton
Hatice Yazar North Toronto
Maide Yazar North Toronto
Kaylie Chow Ottawa
Isabel Cruz Ottawa
Linda Hill Ottawa
Janet Riehm Ottawa
Stephanie Wilde Ottawa
Carol Stahl Sudbury


15 Years of Service

Carrie Andrews Bowmanville
Anne Harvey Hastings & PE
Elaine Mortensen Kitchener-Waterloo
Janet Waitman Ottawa


  BPW Ontario Life Members

Life membership in the Canadian Federation (BPW Canada) is conferred on a member by her club, in recognition of her contribution to all levels of the organization.

Sandra Franke     Barrie
Dittie Voegele     Brampton
Patricia (Pat) Wepf     Brampton
Mary Balfour     Cambridge
Phyllis Hemingway     Cambridge
Leny Crum-Ewing     North Toronto
Roberta Bondar     Sault Ste Marie
Dora Cook     Sault Ste Marie
Sharon Selkirk     Sault Ste Marie

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