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Our History: Empowering Women Through the Years

The Birth of a Movement: Early Twentieth Century In the early twentieth century, Business and Professional Women’s Clubs emerged in various centers worldwide. In 1930, the Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women was officially incorporated, convening its inaugural annual meeting in Winnipeg. That same year, the International Federation was established during a congress in Geneva, Switzerland, with the Canadian Federation serving as a charter member.

The Provincial Representation: Business and Professional Women’s Clubs of Ontario The Business and Professional Women’s Clubs of Ontario gradually formed as the provincial branch of the Canadian Federation, representing women’s business clubs across Ontario. While autonomous, the Ontario organization adhered to certain restrictions and enjoyed specific benefits as a member of both the Canadian and International Federations. Committees established at the national level were replicated at the provincial and local levels, fostering collaboration and coordination. Membership at any level automatically granted access to the other levels, fostering seamless integration and shared objectives. Communication between the Canadian and Provincial organizations was facilitated through the Provincial President, serving as the liaison with the Canadian Federation.

Shared Objectives: Empowering Women The objectives of all clubs, irrespective of their location, remained remarkably consistent. They aimed to encourage equal status for women in economic, civil, and political spheres, promote the interests of business and professional women, foster education and occupational training for girls and women, and facilitate cooperation between professional and business women.

Pioneering Clubs in Ontario Prior to the establishment of the Canadian Federation and Business and Professional Women Ontario, several clubs in Ontario had already made significant strides. The Toronto club, founded in 1910, joined the Ontario association in 1935 after being affiliated with the American federation for some time. Other clubs, including those in Hamilton, Windsor, and Brampton, existed prior to the 1920s.

Development of Business and Professional Women Ontario Business and Professional Women Ontario gradually took shape after the inception of the Canadian Federation. By 1932, the organization had elected its first president, and by 1935, it had attained a considerable degree of autonomy. However, the inaugural Ontario conference was not held until 1946.

Organizational Structure: Steadfast and Evolving The structure of the organization remained relatively stable throughout its history. A Board of Directors, convening before and after the annual general meeting each May, oversaw its operations. Interim board meetings were conducted in the fall, with additional executive meetings held at various times throughout the year.

Regional and District Representation Within Ontario, individual clubs were grouped into twelve regions, each consisting of no more than twelve clubs. Regional Advisors acted as liaisons between the clubs within their regions and the Board of Directors. These advisors visited clubs annually, encouraging their growth and development. Regional meetings, attended by representatives from all clubs within the region, took place on a yearly basis. Regions were further consolidated into four Electoral Districts, each represented on the Ontario Board of Directors by a Vice-President responsible for district-level representation.

Evolution of Districts and Board Composition In 1970, the decision was made to dissolve the regions entirely, increasing the number of Districts from four to seven (currently six). This change led to a revised composition of the Board of Directors, reducing the number of Vice-Presidents to one while appointing seven District Directors. Some District Directors were accompanied by Assistant District Directors on the board. The current BPW Ontario’s Board of Directors’ Executive Officers include a First Vice-President, two Vice-Presidents, Young BPW Vice-President, Treasurer, Editor, and Secretary.

Enriching Activities: Empowering Women Through Advocacy, Events, and Scholarships

BPW clubs in Ontario were dedicated to empowering women through a diverse range of activities. These initiatives played a crucial role in advancing the status of women and fostering their personal and professional growth:

Advocacy and Lobbying Efforts: Making Women’s Voices Heard BPW Ontario actively engaged in advocacy and lobbying efforts, championing the rights of working women. Through annual meetings with the Premier of Ontario, the organization presented briefs and memoranda on a wide range of topics, ensuring that the concerns and perspectives of working women were brought to the forefront. Additionally, BPW Ontario made valuable contributions through submissions to various governmental commissions, advocating for policies and changes that positively impacted women at all levels.

United Nations Engagement: A Global Platform for Women’s Rights At all levels, Business and Professional Women’s organizations actively participated in United Nations initiatives, contributing to global discussions on women’s rights and welfare. BPW Ontario, as a member of these organizations, played a crucial role in promoting women’s well-being. By engaging with the United Nations, BPW Ontario amplified the voices of women in Ontario on the international stage, helping shape global policies and practices that benefitted women worldwide.

Fundraising for Scholarships: Investing in Education and Empowerment BPW clubs conducted fundraising activities to provide scholarships and support educational opportunities for women. These initiatives were designed to empower women through education and training, opening doors to new possibilities and enabling them to achieve their full potential. By investing in scholarships, BPW Ontario demonstrated its commitment to fostering education as a pathway to personal and professional growth for women.

Special Events and Annual Traditions: Celebrating Women’s Achievements BPW clubs organized special events that celebrated women’s achievements and created opportunities for networking and recognition. These events included contests for young career women and annual celebrations such as Business Women’s Week. Through these gatherings, BPW Ontario fostered a sense of community and camaraderie among its members, encouraging collaboration and the sharing of experiences, knowledge, and achievements.

As Business and Professional Women Ontario evolved, it continuously adapted and expanded its activities to address the evolving needs and aspirations of women in Ontario. Through these enriching initiatives, BPW Ontario played a vital role in empowering women and driving positive change in their lives and communities.